Suffer from back pain? Perhaps you’ve taken some pain relief and tried some of the simpler hacks to get your posture back on track, but if these haven’t worked you may be wondering what else you can do. Aside from scheduling a check-up with your doctor to determine the cause of your back pain, there are many tried and tested back pain solutions on the market that really work. We’re going to share a handful of these in our blog.


How does it work? Simply put, the Inversion Table utilises the power of gravity to elongate your spine and reduce tension from compression or poor posture habits. Attaching your feet with gravity boots, the table is designed to recline backward so that you hang upside down. Not only do they help release tension in the body, they also increase blood flow to the brain supplying more oxygen and nutrients to help you perform faster and better.

Even Sir Tom Jones rated the inversion table in a BBC Radio 4 podcast when speaking to Britain’s best-loved fitness coach, Joe Wicks. If you fancy giving it a go, Back Care Online currently has a sale on the Teeter Fitspine X1 Inversion Table.


Have you got a chair that is really uncomfortable but can’t afford a specialist ergonomic chair? Give your chair an affordable upgrade with a pressure cushion designed to give your seat and lumbar that extra support.

The Ripple Comfort Seat is an all-in-one solution to make uncomfortable chairs more bearable. We recommend this pressure cushion because it offers both seat and backrest support. Plus, the built-in elastic strap makes this super easy to use. From your dining chairs to your less-than-adequate office chair, the Ripple Comfort Seat can make all the difference.


If you are in the market for a new office chair, there are a number of leading ergonomic brands that come highly recommended. From the Humanscale Freedom Chair to the Koplus Tonique Task Chair, these operator chairs come with state-of-the-art design features that not only make a sophisticated addition for any office but also support your body with in-built lumbar support and free-movement that tailors the chair to the individual.

All three of these back pain solutions can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle or health and fitness routines. We’re confident that these will help ease your back pain, but don’t forget to consult your doctor if your back pain has been a consistent problem.

Back Care Online is committed to providing the best back care products from around the globe. We understand that back pain is not only painful it can also prevent some people from living to their full potential. Shop our back pain solutions online today to find a product that works for you.