If you’re in the market for a new operator chair, you’re probably doing a lot of research to find the right one for you. Most people want a chair that’s ergonomic, adjustable, and robust to ensure long-lasting comfort and support. Two of the big players on the office chair market include the Humanscale Freedom Chair and the Herman Miller Aeron. But which one is best for you? We’re running through the differences between these two high-spec operator chairs to help you decide.

The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair was cited by The New York Times as offering ‘the gold standard in office seating’. But what’s all the fuss about? What makes the Humanscale Freedom Chair such a great choice?

Designed to look as good in ten years' time as they do today, this innovative chair offers full-body support with a headrest that automatically reclines to adjust to your spine.

What makes the Humanscale Freedom chair different is that it actually supports movement and accommodates to your body. When you move, the Humanscale moves with you, adapting to your changes in posture throughout the day. With the Humanscale Freedom Chair, you can use your office chair without even thinking. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s set up correctly as the chair automatically adjusts to suit you.

Iconic Features

A product of Humanscale’s iconic partnership with American designer Niels Diffrient, the Freedom Chair proves that ergonomics can be beautiful as well as functional. Diffrient’s design focused on making the functional invisible to the user to place more emphasis on aesthetics. An elegant silhouette for the backrest and no clunky adjusting mechanisms make this chair a truly premium choice for your office.

• Weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism eliminates the need for manual controls.
• Armrests are also attached to the back of the chair to ensure synchronous use.
• Contoured cushions are specially designed to reduce pressure on the lumbar.
• Robust graphite frame and black textile material, this design is suitable for contemporary and home office spaces.
• Available with and without the headrest depending on your preferences.

Most office chair brands will claim that their designs are ‘hard-wearing’ but the Humanscale has been specially designed with parts and materials that have been meticulously tested for their hard-wearing qualities. This includes their textiles which offer five times the industry standard. As the chair parts are not painted or treated there is also no risk of chipping or scratching over time.

The engineers applied a continuous focus on the Freedom chair’s environmental impact at every stage of its development. This chair cleverly uses fewer parts which makes them more environmentally friendly and perfect for the eco-conscious buyer.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

First designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, The Herman Miller Aeron Chair was designed with an ergonomic, health-positive design in mind. Above all, the aim was to design a chair that fits all people. Since its debut in 1994, the Aeron Chair has since been remastered to keep up with the latest updates in technology and the science of sitting.

Known for its innovative, Pellicle elastomeric suspension, these chairs cleverly eliminate circulation-restricting pressure points. This is designed to support your posture and circulation while you sit to increase your focus and productivity.

Unlike chairs made from foam, fabric, and leather, the Pellicle material allows air, body heat, and water vapour to pass through the seat and backrest. This helps to maintain an even and comfortable skin temperature throughout the day.

The PostureFit SL adjustable pads were designed to encourage you to sit in a healthier position with your chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward.

Similar to the Humanscale, the Aeron offers a reclining tilt that works naturally with the body and is designed to keep your body in contact with the back of the chair.

Which chair is right for me?

There’s no doubt that both chairs offer supreme comfort and are built to suit all different body shapes and sizes. Both have also carved their place in chair design history as iconic benchmarks for workplace comfort, design, and productivity.

However, it’s the Humanscale Freedom task chair that allows you to work and move in the healthiest, most comfortable way possible with an effortless design that moves when you move, without the need for any adjustments.

That’s why at Back Care Online, we are proud suppliers of the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair. Shop online today!