Humanscale: The Best At-Home Office Chair Brand

If you find yourself working from home due to COVID-19, don’t settle for anything less than a productive and comfortable at-home workstation. Working from home presents a number of challenges, but being unproductive doesn’t have to be one of them. Read our blog to learn why Humanscale office chairs provide the best value for the money and reimagine your at-home workspace today!

Humanscale Liberty ChairIntroducing Humanscale Office Chairs

Each Humanscale office chair is designed to decrease back pain, improve posture and increase overall productivity with a unique, innovative design. Humanscale is an award-winning pioneer and leader in office ergonomics, and is renowned for designing and manufacturing chairs that improve a person’s overall health, comfort and happiness at work. Humanscale office chairs maintain their look and feel over time and have been called “The Gold Standard in Office Seating” by The New York Times.

Why is Humanscale the Best At-Home Office Chair Brand?

Humanscale office chairs aren’t designed with knobs, levers or tension mechanisms like other traditional office chairs. You can seamlessly adjust and recline a Humanscale office chair using just your body weight by applying the right amount of tension, hands-free. Each chair comes with soft gel seat cushions to help support your lower back and provide all-day comfort while you’re hard at work. Humanscale office chairs are even built with armrests that move with you when you change position, so you always maintain a healthy, ergonomic posture. 

Humanscale chairs don’t scratch, wrinkle or tear, so shop our range of Humanscale chairs today to improve your productivity and at-home workstation. At Back Care Online, we’re never beaten on price or quality. Place your order today and stay safe while working from home. We’re in this together!