Working at a desk from home? Give your back the support it needs with these simple hacks on how to care for your back when working at home. Many of these tips are great preventative measures to keep your back and posture healthy while you work.

Schedule Reminders To Get Up And Walk Around

We schedule meetings and appointments but it’s just as important to schedule reminders to get up and walk around. Whether you just want to make a cup of tea, grab a biscuit or two, or stretch a little, making sure you’re not inactive or stuck in the same sitting position for too long will really help your posture and is a great way to care for your back.

You could even schedule reminders to check your posture - if you tend to slouch you can readjust your posture and establish better, healthier habits.

Invest In A Back Support

A back support gives you that little extra support whilst you sit. It’s designed to take the pressure off your lumbar, the lower part of your spine. You can also buy angled pressure cushions that tilt your body slightly for a healthier posture when sitting.

Exercise Your Upper Back And Neck

If you find that the back of your shoulders and neck are stiff after a long week in the office, there are plenty of exercises you can do to relax the tension in your muscles. You don’t even have to spend any money.

There are so many free fitness apps and tutorials available online. Whether you’re into yoga, fitness workouts, or just some simple stretches, these are all great ways to engage your upper back. This is a part of the body that can be easily neglected by staring at a screen for prolonged periods or cradling a phone.

Invest In An Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair is one of the most effective ways to care for your back when working from home. Brands like Humanscale have specially engineered their chairs to offer premium comfort and support and adapt to the individual.

The Humanscale Freedom Chair is an iconic design that’s chosen by office workers all over the world.

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