If you’ve recently given birth or had an operation and are struggling with sensitivity in the lower regions, ring cushions are specially designed to provide comfort whilst sitting.

Discover more about these cushions below along with some of our top choices.

What Are Ring Cushions Used For?

With their circular shape and cut-out centre, you’d be mistaken for thinking ring cushions are inflatable rubber rings for the swimming pool. But these are in fact the perfect cushion to use when your lower regions are feeling a little sensitive, uncomfortable, or painful.

Also known as doughnut cushions, ring cushions are designed to be placed on any chair, sofa, or bed whilst you sit. They are also suitable for wheelchairs and car seats.

Whether you have an injury or general discomfort, the ring cushion is great for many circumstances. The hole helps to provide ventilation, something which other pressure cushions won’t offer so much.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, here are a number of conditions and circumstances where the ring cushion is a great aid:

• Haemorrhoids
• Postnatal pain
• Hip bursitis
• Prostate discomfort
• Post-operative pain
• Pregnancy discomfort
• Anal pain

They provide pressure relief so you can get back to your daily tasks rather than suffering from a regular seat if it’s too uncomfortable. As an added bonus, ring cushions can also help to improve your posture.

They’re suitable for daily use, and can also be used to generally improve your levels of comfort, particularly if you work from home with inadequate support on your chair. There is a diverse range of pressure relief cushions available should you wish to explore more options.

Putnam Memory Foam Ring Cushion

Made with memory foam that moulds to your body, the Putnam Memory Foam Ring Cushion is manufactured in Britain. These cushions offer enhanced levels of support and come with a cover. This means the cut-out remains discreet and you can keep the ring cushion clean and free of dust when in storage.

Putnams is a proud supplier to the NHS and this particular ring cushion comes with a 2-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Sero Pressure Ring Cushion

With fantastic pressure relieving qualities, the Sero pressure ring cushion is manufactured with rippled foam to offer a softer top cushion with a supportive base.

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