Not all office chairs are created equal. Some are built with years of ergonomic design research in mind, others are cobbled together without as much thought or scientific research behind them. But how do you know which office chairs are best for your back?

We’re listing the key design features to look out for to make sure you’re choosing a chair that is ergonomic and built to support your body for long sitting periods.

In-Built Lumbar Support

Whilst you can purchase separate backrests and lumbar supports, by far the best office chairs are those that come with in-built lumbar support and padding.


Some office chairs offer more adjustments than others. Innovative designs come with automatic adjustments that work with your natural posture and movements of your body. The standard adjustments include seat height and backrest tilt.

Relaxed Pressure Points

Some of the best office chairs in the market factor in pressure points on the body. Humanscale chairs for instance come with a soft edge on the front of the seat, ensuring that the back of your knees and thighs are comfortable and supported.

Headrest and Armrests (Optional)

Whilst you may want to focus on your back, it’s important to factor in your whole body posture. Armrests and headrests are typically considered an optional feature of a desk chair but they can boost your overall comfort. Headrests can be particularly beneficial as they support your neck.

So, which office chair brands are best for your back?

Humanscale is easily one of the top office chair brands. With adjustments that automatically modify the chair’s position and supports to suit the individual, it’s easy to use and with enhanced ergonomic design for optimum comfort and productivity.

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