According to AccountancyAge, British employees work 84,365 hours over the course of a lifetime. Knowing that British workers spend an average of 1,795 hours a year at work, it comes as no surprise that ergonomic office furniture is extremely popular amongst business professionals and employers alike. After all, if you’re spending most of your time at work, why not enjoy it and be comfortable?

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Read our blog to learn the benefits of investing in ergonomic office furniture and discover why more and more industry leaders are turning to Humanscale for award-winning ergonomic products. Back Care Online is a proud distributor of Humanscale products, so shop our inventory today to find the ergonomic chair that’s right for you!

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture decreases back pain by reducing the need to hunch over a desk or computer. By working in an ergonomic chair, you’ll improve your posture, realign your spine and increase your overall productivity levels and wellbeing. You can even reduce your risk of arthritis by incorporating ergonomic keyboards into your workspace.

What Office Chair is Best for Lower Back Pain?

Humanscale is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of ergonomic products. In fact, they’re award-winning pioneers and leaders in office ergonomics! Their products achieve more with less and make going to work enjoyable by enhancing your overall health and comfort.

Humanscale ergonomic chairs are renowned for maintaining their original look and feel regardless of how many years have passed. They’ve also been built with four key differentiators. These are:

  1. Their chairs don’t include any knobs or levers. Humanscale chairs are easy to use and adjust to your posture seamlessly.

  2. Humanscale chairs feature armrests that move with you. Their armrests come attached to the back of the chair and adjust with you when you change positions. By making armrests that move with you, you’ll find that your arms are always in a healthy, ergonomic position.

  3. Their chairs come with a soft seat cushion that’s denser than most other office chairs on the market. Humanscale seat cushions are constructed using gel to help support your lower back and provide all-day comfort. 

  4. Humanscale chairs are free of all tension mechanisms. Their chairs read your body weight and apply the right amount of tension for your weight to help you recline smoothly and safely. 

Humanscale textiles don’t wrinkle and their arm caps don’t tear. If you want to own an ergonomic chair that’s scratch resistant and good for the environment, buy a Humanscale chair. We promise you won’t regret it!