We spend a great deal of time sitting down especially if your day job is desk-orientated. When you’re not feeling so comfortable perhaps because your chair is sub-par or maybe you’ve just had an operation, it can be helpful to know that pressure relief cushions are available to give you a comfort boost. But how do they work, exactly?

Pressure relief cushions are crafted with super comfortable and supportive memory foam. They come in many different shapes and varieties that can be used in the office, on the commute, and with wheelchairs.

Some come with coccyx cut-outs or ring shapes. These ensure that pressure is taken off certain body parts which may be painful or sensitive and redistribute your weight to other less-sensitive areas.

There are also slanting wedge cushions which not only aid with pressure relief but also encourage better posture. Which one is right for you will depend on whether you’re simply after a little extra support to prevent discomfort or if you need a cushion to aid with pain relief. If you’re looking for the latter, we recommend a ring or cut-out cushion.

Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge

The Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge offers pelvic support and comfort. Angling the body for an easy sitting position, the slanted cushion also encourages better posture.

Putnam Theracube Cushion

The Putnam Theracube Cushion is a pressure relief cushion that is suitable for dining chairs, office chairs, and wheelchairs. This cushion comes with four optional cut-outs for targeted pain relief. It’s also designed with breathable contours to help with air ventilation.

Putnam Bariatric Cushion

With a three-layer supporting system, the Putnam Bariatric Cushion is designed for heavier users. It comes with a thick memory foam top layer and a firm base layer that’s comfortable and durable.

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