Promoting core strength and flexibility while relieving pressure on your back, the DEX II has it all. A forward-rotating and hip supporting inversion device, this is specially designed to help relieve symptoms of a number of back-related conditions whilst keeping fit and healthy. From mild back pain and muscle tension to sciatica and herniated discs, the Teeter Hang-Ups Dex II offers a variety of stretches and exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a form of inversion therapy that utilises the power of gravity to decompress the spine, removing tension that can build up if left unchecked. Unlike the Teeter Fitspine range, you can actually perform exercises rather than just lying still with minimal movement capabilities.

Designed and manufactured in America, the Dex II is FDA approved, meaning it’s a trusted medical product. To the uninitiated, it may look a little intimidating but the Teeter range is used and approved by back pain sufferers around the world - over 2.5 million to be exact. The Dex II Hang-Ups are easy and safe to use. They offer the perfect decompression you need after a long day at work and are ideal as part of your daily exercise routine.

Improve Core Strength

Looking at the apparatus, you may wonder exactly how you use it and what exercises you can perform. The Dex II predominantly works on your core muscles and notably, it doesn’t place any strain on your knee or ankle joints. Instead, traction is applied to the hips and lower spine. From back extensions and spinal twists to crunches and push-ups, there are plenty of workout options and inversion exercises to choose from. All of these can give your back health a bit of a boost and improve your core strength.

Boost Flexibility

Improving flexibility starts with having a healthier posture. This hip-supported, forward-rotating inversion device helps to flatten the lumbar curve, targeting decompression in the lower back.

The Teeter Hang-Ups Dex II is adjustable to ensure a comfortable and supportive workout. It’s also well built and designed to be durable with high-quality rubber-coated grips and a sturdy steel base with a scratch-resistant powder coat finish.

Interested in trying this innovative device for yourself? The Teeter Hang-Ups Dex II is available to buy at Back Care Online today.

If back pain is a recurring issue, it’s important to consult a health professional.