Almost 3 out of every 4 office workers say their chair caused them back pain at one point or another.

An ergonomic office chair makes a huge difference in your comfort and productivity but too many people treat it as an afterthought.

If you spend any amount of time sitting at a desk, a Humanscale chair can make a huge difference in your day. Let's look at the benefits of these office chairs.

Why Choose a Humanscale Office Chair?

Humanscale chairs are designed to replace the heavy, complicated mechanics you find in most office chairs by using your body weight and some simple laws of physics. You don't need to mess around with knobs and levers to get your chair set up.

Humanscale works with the legendary designer Niels Diffrient on the Freedom Task Chair. Niels has spent over 5 decades creating designs focused on the human experience. He's all about solving functional problems in the simplest way possible.

The fact that they're designed to look good doesn't mean they aren't designed to last though. Humanscale chairs will look as good in a decade as they do the day you get one.

5 Important Components of an Ergonomic Desk Setup

There are 5 important components needed for an effective ergonomic workspace:

  1. Chair
  2. Adjustable keyboard support
  3. Task lighting
  4. Monitor arm
  5. Sit/stand workstation

Office workers spend most of their day sitting at their desk so the chair is one of, if not the most important of all these components. A poor quality chair can lead to back pain, RSI injuries, and a general loss of productivity.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

The Freedom Task Chair offers a unique aesthetic with Humanscale's innovative weight-sensitive reclining system that works with the user's body weight to adjust both the tension and recline position.

Its modular design lets you update the look of the chair and makes maintenance much easier than most office chairs.

The standard Freedom Task includes the following specifications:

  • Fits 95% of the population, working for heights of 1.5 to 2 metres and weights of 45 to 135 kg
  • Recline mechanism works with the user's body weight to provide 20 degrees of movement
  • Backrest automatically pivots to offer a 7-degree tilt
  • 14.8 cm vertical adjustment offered by synchronous armrests
  • 22.4 cm arm length
  • Contoured cushions with Coccyx cutout that helps lessen pressure on the lumbar and thoracic spine
  • Rear handle for easy maneuvering
  • 15-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 13.6 kg without arms, 15.4 kg with armrests
  • Made in the USA

Where to Turn When You're Looking for a Humanscale Chair

If you're looking to upgrade your office workstation with a Humanscale chair, Backcare Online can help. We carry a wide range of products that can help reduce back pain including pillows, mattresses, and office chairs.

We carry a full range of Humanscale office solutions for offices of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you create a more healthy workspace.