If you work long hours at your desk you may notice pressure on your lower back which can cause pain when sitting. Here at Back Care Online we have a product that will help reduce this pressure and help increase your blood circulation. This product is the Humanscale Foot Rocker.

The award winning Humanscale FR500 foot rocker delivers effortless functionality with a simple and stylish design. The foot rocker gets your feet moving and encourages gentle rocking of the feet which can help provide instant relief from prolonged sitting.

Humanscale Foot Rocker

The foot rocker gives your feet and legs the perfect support when sitting. Your lower leg muscles are then engaged which increases the healthy blood circulations throughout your body. The height and shape of the product also raises your feet. This results in relieving the uncomfortable pressure on your lower back that can be caused by sitting in one position for a long length of time.

If you are looking to support your feet and legs to ease pressure on your lower back, or you want instant relief from sitting then the Humanscale foot rocker could be the product for you.

This product allows you to sit for extended periods of time, while reducing the risk of fatigue or discomfort.

Office workers have found that foot rocker has helped to improve their blood circulation and prevented numbness of their legs. If you would like to find out more about this product or how it can help you then please contact us directly.

Made from molded plywood, steel and aluminum, its robust design makes it the perfect ergonomic foot rest for the executive office. The FM500 foot rocker also features rubber, non-skid grips to help users maintain a comfortable sitting posture without the foot rocker moving position on the floor.

If back pain in the office is something you are experiencing, please get in touch. We will take the time to understand lifestyle and the way you work. We can then recommend the best products for you to decrease the risk of back pain or serious back injury at work.