Humanscale Freedom Chair

With the average office worker spending between 6 - 8 hours a day (around 2,000 hours every year!) sat in a chair, surely you deserve to be sat in the gold standard in office seating? The New York Times reviewed The Humanscale Freedom Task Chair as exactly that; the gold standard in office seating!

A pretty bold statement don’t you think?

However designer Diffrient backs it up entirely. The design offers a unique approach to office chairs. There are no knobs, buttons and levers to get your chair set to your needs. Instead, the Freedom Task Chair automatically adapts to the user, allowing them to move freely from one position to another. This office chair, unlike any other office chair, is a simple, beautiful and functional chair.

So what is it that makes the Freedom Task Chair the gold standard in office seating?

It’s Simple

The office chair has been designed without knobs and levers so you don’t need to spend time making it just right. Just by sitting on your Freedom Task Chair, the perfect setting is created. There are no manual controls, you can move freely between positions with ease. The Freedom Task Chair is an ergonomic chair so however you sit, you will be sat in the correct posture for your body and back.

Moving Armrests

When your seat moves in a traditional chair, your arm rests stay where they are. This is not the case with our office chair. The armrests of the chair move with you as you move between postures or even recline your chair. This means that whatever position you are sat in, your arms will be in a healthy and ergonomic position, placed on the armrests.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Comfortable, All Day

While a cushion seat may be comfortable at first, after a while it will become uncomfortable as the cushion compresses under your weight. Over years, the cushion will show wear and tear and not be as comfortable as it once was. However, the humanscale seat cushions are engineered to last the test of time. The cushion on your Freedom Task Chair is denser than any other available on the market with all day comfort guaranteed. The cushion is also a gel cushion. This is because gel doesn’t compress, instead it offers support and comfort for the user, for many hours at a time.

Easy Recline

The Freedom Task Chair will feel like it has been uniquely designed for you. This is because their task chairs use the laws of physics. The sitters own body weight creates the perfect recline. Time after time you will have the correct tension on your chair, as will anyone else borrowing your chair.

Do you think you are worth the gold standard in office seating? Of course you are!

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