Described as the ‘Gold Standard in office seating’ by The New York Times, the Humanscale Freedom chair has developed an iconic status, synonymous with simplicity, beauty, and ease of use. Created by renowned designer Niels Diffrient, instead of manual levers, the Humanscale Freedom utilises the power of physics to support your body while you work.

What’s special about the Humanscale Freedom design?

First introduced in 1999, the Humanscale Freedom was the first chair to remove the traditional manual levers and replace them with the laws of physics. With a contoured backrest and weight-sensitive recline, the chair is designed for every body type. It’s a universal choice and a great aid to those who are at risk of backache from not sitting properly at their desk.

The Humanscale Freedom comes with a minimal, professional design. Fewer levers combined with clean lines and a simple choice of materials make this office chair easy on the eye. There is essentially no compromise. Plenty of research and thought went into making this chair and it shows. Unbeatable ergonomic function and a classic, user-friendly design make this a true ‘Gold Standard’ choice for any professional office environment.

How do you sit in a Humanscale chair?

Unlike other office task chairs, the Humanscale design comes with fewer levers and buttons. This is because the chairs are designed to be intuitive - they automatically adapt and adjust to the occupier’s movements. That being said, there are some optional levers that allow you to adjust the seat height and depth.

• Seat Height: Thighs should be parallel to the ground and your feet should be flat on the floor.
• Seat Depth: You can also slide the seat back and forth. There should be at least a 2-inch gap between the back of your knees and the front of the seat.
• Backrest: There is also an adjustable backrest so you can adjust to what’s comfortable.
• Armrests: This adjustment is completely optional. They automatically lock into place when you release them.
• Headrest: The headrest can be moved up and down according to your preference. You can buy the Humanscale Freedom chair with or without the headrest, but for optimum comfort for your neck and head, we recommend purchasing with the headrest.

This combination of optional levers and automatic adjustments ensures that you have the optimum ergonomic experience with minimal fuss. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours twiddling with levers to find the perfect seat adjustment for each employee working in your office. The points outlined above are the only adjustments that you can make, and they are super simple to use.

The automatic adjustments include a pivot that ensures the backrest moves with you whenever you recline or sit upright. The armrests are also attached to the back of the chair meaning they move in accordance with the backrest when you recline. These game-changing ergonomic features ensure that your back and posture are fully supported no matter how you move during the day.

Ultimately, this means the Humanscale Freedom With Headrest is one of the best office chairs if you work behind a desk for long periods.

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