With COVID-19 in full swing, many of us have been forced to work our jobs from home. Of course, this comes with a number of benefits: no lengthy commute, having our own space to work, and being able to do our job in our PJs, just to name a few.

However, there are a few challenges that come with working from home as well. No, we don't mean having your kids run into your "office" during a meeting. We're talking about something that directly affects your health - the chair you sit in while you work.

Even in 2020, with remote jobs being higher than ever before, the vast majority of us still travel to work and don't have a proper work chair at home. As a result, we settle for the uncomfortable chair from the dining table or the sunken seats of the sofa and try to force ourselves through it. Not only is this bad for your back, but it also hinders your productivity.

To fix this problem, you need a Humanscale office chair. These revolutionary ergonomic office chairs are designed to give you the support you need and increase your productivity, so you get results and stay healthy. Here are just a few that you should check out!

The Freedom Task: A Premium Humanscale Office Chair

Humanscale ergonomic office chairs are always top-notch, but the Freedom Task office chair set a very proud standard. This chair is designed to automatically adjust itself to the user, so they can move freely from posture to posture and receive premium support. The Freedom Task also does away with traditional mechanical levers, instead allowing the user to incline or recline with their weight. Truly, this was a well thought-out chair.

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

The Diffrient Mesh Office Chair: Power in Simplicity

Some of us may not have a need for the most premium of office chairs, and that's okay. Humanscale still offers amazing chairs at all levels that focus on office ergonomics, such as the Diffrient mesh office chair. This chair was created with a minimalistic approach to style, with a complete mesh seating that still provides custom back and lumbar support and a look that fits in any room.

The Liberty Task Office Chair: Form and Function

Like the Diffrient World Office Chair, the Liberty Task office chair is made from mesh, but also features Form-Sensing Mesh Technology. The Liberty has a tri-panel backrest and body-fitting contours that adjust automatically to any position. This custom-fit chair is something that any hard-working individual needs to stay healthy and successful.

Get One for Your Office Needs

Now that you know about the amazing things that a Humanscale task chair can do for you, you may want to consider getting an ergonomic office chair of your own. We're the right people to help you get what you need.

At Back Care Online, we make sure to give only the highest quality goods to our customers for a record price. We offer items for the office, as well as mattresses, toppers, pillows, pressure cushions, and much more. All of our products place your health first with a strong focus on ergonomics to get you through your day.

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