We are proud to introduce you to the Humanscale Liberty Chair. This task office chair is like no other mesh chair you have seen or experienced. The back of the seat is made up of three panels of mesh that fit every contour of your body in a way that a single mesh chair just can’t achieve.

Just as a tailor uses multiple pieces of material to form the perfect suit, Humanscale have combined multiple pieces of material to support your body and back, with unprecedented comfort.

Humanscale Liberty Chair

Our Humanscale Liberty Chair is an intelligent mesh chair. It offers perfect lumbar support for everyone. The task office chair has no external devices or manual adjustments. This means no fiddling around while you try to get the right setting. Instead, sit on the chair and the intelligent mechanism within the chair will support you in all the right places, and all the right ways.

The Humanscale Liberty Chair was designed to be unique with minimal aesthetic. It was created to be simple to use and to provide a custom level of support to everyone that sits on it. We feel that this task office chair is the perfect seating solution for the modern work environment. Due to the minimal aesthetic of the chair, it complements any space or room.

This office task chair has many advanced features that no other chairs offer. For example, the chair has an automatic and weight-sensitive recline. The arm rests are attached to the chair for constant support. The tri-panel mesh back rest offers ultimate support and comfort to the user too.

This task chair has fewer parts than traditional chairs, making the Humanscale Liberty a timeless and environmentally friendly design of chair.

You can experience the intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism and the body fitting contours of our chair the moment you sit on it. You’ll feel the self-adjusting lumbar support and notice how the chair harnesses the laws of physics to support you perfectly too.

If you’re looking for a high quality office chair that offers the perfect level of support and ultimate comfort, then take a look at this chair. You will not be disappointed.