Sitting comfortably? Desk workers the world over flock time and again to the iconic Humanscale office chairs. With a Liberty or Diffrient World, you can work the 9-5 shift in comfort and style. But, with both chairs offering exceptional ergonomic design, you may wonder - what’s the ‘diffrience’? In this guide, we’re revealing the difference between these two legendary chairs to help you choose the right one for you.

Humanscale Liberty Task Office Chair

The sophisticated mesh back of the Liberty chair is formed by combining three panels of non-stretch mesh, with a design that’s inspired by a tailored shirt.

Key features include:

• Form-sensing mesh technology
• Self-adjusting recline and lumbar support
• Optional manual adjustments
• Contoured seat cushion that helps relieve pressure points
• Tailored stitching for a high-quality finish
• Supportive armrests

Humanscale Diffrient World Office Chair

A high-performance task chair, the Diffrient World is made with just eight major parts and as few controls as possible, for a minimal, elegant design.

Aside from the optional manual adjustments of the seat depth and height, all other fittings and adjustments are automatic for simplicity.

The form-sensing mesh backrest and the seat are supportive and ultra-breathable, helping you to regulate your body temperature throughout the day. Staying cool means you’re less likely to feel sluggish in the latter half of the day.

What’s the difference between a Humanscale Liberty and Diffrient World Chair?

It’s true that the Diffrient and the Liberty chairs share a lot when it comes to aesthetics and design principles. By simply looking at them, it can be difficult to tell them apart. However, the Diffrient World Chair comes with a mesh seat while the Liberty Chair offers a cushioned seat. So, when it comes to choosing the right chair for you, it depends on whether you prefer a seat that’s crafted with breathable mesh or a contoured, padded cushion.

Both chairs are designed for people who work long hours at a desk. But with their subtle differences laid bare in this blog, we hope you’ll have a much better idea of which one is right for you and your office. Shop Humanscale office chairs at Back Care Online today.