Designed for modern work life, we’re listing the top 5 reasons you might want to invest in the Nova LED task light by Humanscale.

1. Sophisticated Design

The design of Humanscale’s Nova task light is both striking and minimal, offering high levels of functionality and sleek aesthetics for your office. Humanscale is known for its award-winning ergonomic office furniture solutions manufactured across the pond in America, from the innovative Liberty operator chair to office accessories like the foot rocker and Nova light.

2. Exceptional Light Quality

The Nova LED light produces a uniform pool of light that’s bright and clear but also glare-free. Kind to the eyes, you can comfortably focus on the task at hand no matter what the time of day or the external weather conditions. This Humanscale task lamp offers an exceptional light quality that’s made to last and illuminate your desk space.

It’s a particularly good investment for people who work through the night or in rooms that don’t receive much natural light.

3. Adaptable Design, Built To Last

Built with Forever Hinges for added stability and strength, the lamp can be effortlessly adjusted with just one hand to almost any position. This ensures you can have the exact work settings you require for maximum productivity and comfort. Aside from adjusting the angle, height, or position of the lamp, you can also set your perfect brightness level with Nova’s comprehensive Touch Dimming control.

You can seamlessly adjust your light settings to suit your activity or mood, from using a super bright and clear setting to focus on those minor details, to using low-light levels to create a calming ambiance when you’re unwinding after work.

Nova’s LEDs are guaranteed to last at least 50,000 hours, with the fixture backed by a 10-year warranty.

4. Environmentally Friendly Choice

A lighting solution for today and the future, Nova is made of 70% recyclable materials and features the highest efficiency LED chip on the market, only requiring 7 watts to deliver a powerful 440 lumens of lights. Energy Star-certified for its benefits to people and the planet, the Humanscale Nova lamp is not just energy efficient it’s also free of harmful ‘Red List’ chemicals.

The Nova is also built with smart technology which automatically turns the light off when no movement is detected. So if you have a habit of leaving the room without switching the light off, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy.

5. Endless Connectivity

Built for the modern lifestyle and work environment, Nova’s optional Desktop Charging Base, complete with two USB ports, means you won’t lose power and your mobile devices will remain conveniently charged so you never miss an important call.

Enhance your remote or office workspace today with the Humanscale Nova LED task light, available at Back Care Online, a leading UK supplier of leading ergonomic and back care product solutions.