As part of their commitment to creating sustainable office furniture, Humanscale created what they’re calling the world’s most sustainable chair. In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at what makes this office chair such a green choice for your office.

Where does the name ‘Smart Ocean’ come from?

Humanscale teamed up with a collection and recycling program that retrieves discarded fishing nets from the sea. These nets are then recycled to create nylon pellets, suitable for producing a wide range of goods, including office chairs.

From delicate ecosystems getting damaged to microplastics entering the food chain to sea creatures getting trapped in discarded nets, this scheme was set up to combat some of the key negative impacts that ocean plastic has on the natural environment.

In fact, each chair is made with almost 2 pounds of recycled fishing net material!

The Humanscale Smart Ocean chair is also certified by the International Living Future Institute, meaning it meets the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria. In fact, it is the first ever ergonomic chair to be made from recycled net.

What else should I know about the Smart Ocean Office Chair?

The Humanscale Smart Ocean Chair is an operator-style office chair that comes with many of the premium-quality, ergonomic features you’d come to expect from the brand. The Smart Ocean is a redesign of the iconic Diffrient Smart office chair, originally designed by the late Niels Diffrient.

The chair incorporates Humanscale's form-sensing mesh, which adjusts to each user for a truly comfortable day at the office. No need for manual adjustments, just sit back and you’re ready to start working. The chair also includes an attractive ripple design on the backrest mesh. This custom-fit technology is a distinctive feature of the Humanscale office chair and is what sets it apart from other operator chair designers.

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