New to Back Care Online, if your new year’s resolution was to get a better night’s sleep or have a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then the 100% bamboo bedding by Panda is just the ticket. We’re taking a closer look at what makes these award-winning pillows and bedding such a great choice.

Top 5 Benefits of 100% bamboo bedding by Panda

100% Bamboo Bedding

1. Plastic-Free

If you’re hoping to make greener buying choices, all of Panda’s bamboo bedding products are completely plastic-free. It is also considered a sustainable material as bamboo shoots grow quickly, typically uses less water than cotton, and doesn’t require pesticides.

2. Soft and Breathable

Cool in summer, warm in winter. With climate regulating technology, the Panda bamboo duvet will give you a comfortable night’s sleep all year round. Cosy and luxuriously smooth and soft, bamboo fabric is an excellent choice.

3. Naturally Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Bamboo is hygienic and naturally hypoallergenic which is great news for people who suffer from allergies to dust mites or sensitive skin.

4. Variety

The Panda collection includes bedding for toddlers and children so you can kit out the whole family. From single all the way up to super king size, you can find the perfect size for your bed. As well as the essential mattress protectors, pillows, bedsheets, and duvets, you can also buy a portable memory foam bamboo mattress topper and sleep accessories.

5. Award-Winning

From Good Housekeeping to The Mattress Guide, Panda bamboo bedding has been getting a lot of attention over the last year, receiving glowing reviews and gold awards for its innovative, sustainable design.

So, if these top 5 benefits of bamboo bedding have won you over then take a look at our fantastic selection of Panda 100% bamboo bedding today. At Back Care Online, we are a leading supplier of products that care for your body.