If you’re not sure what a mattress topper is, we’re here to help. Simply put, a mattress topper is a thinner version of a normal mattress that can be used for a variety of purposes. From camping trips to adding an extra comfy layer to your bed, find out more about how to use this bedding product below.

Top 3 Reasons You Would Use A Mattress Topper

1. Extra Cushioning for a Bed

If your bed is uncomfortable or you suffer from back pain, then a mattress topper is a great way to add a comfortable layer without having to completely replace your current mattress.

Our high-density memory foam mattress topper can offer relief from back pain by taking pressure off your joints. Made in the UK with a 5cm overlay, this product is available in a range of sizes to suit single, double, king, and super king beds.

2. Camping Adventures

A portable mattress topper is thin enough to roll and carry like a sleeping bag. Whether you’re camping in a truck, boat, campervan, or tent, portable mattress toppers are perfect for getting a good night’s sleep even when you’re far away from the comfort of a bed.

3. For Sleeping on the Floor

The mattress topper is a convenient alternative to an airbed as it doesn’t need to be filled with air before you can use it. If you’re having guests over, but don’t have a spare bed, then the mattress topper is a great way to accommodate them comfortably.

So there you have our top 3 reasons for using a mattress topper. At Back Care Online, we champion products that are ergonomic and comfortable. We sell a selection of high-quality mattress toppers from great brands including Panda which offers a range of 100% bamboo bedding products.

Shop our complete collection of Mattress Toppers today to find the right one for you.