Memory Foam Travel Mattress TopperIf you’ve ever slept on or tested a Memory Foam mattress in a furniture store, you’ll know that as little as a few moments of resting on it can leave you feeling as refreshed as if you’d had a full night of the most restorative night’s sleep in your life. Now, with the Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper, you can experience that same blissful comfort in your truck, campervan, yacht, or fishing boat. 

Sleeping on lumpy, uneven cushions in the cab of your lorry or the bench seat-cum-bed in a caravan often gives you a backache or sore neck, not to mention a foggy brain, the next morning. With the travel mattress topper for back pain, you can wake up in tip top condition and ready to hike up that mountain, take on the open road, or sail the Norfolk Broads.

How does Memory Foam work?

Manufactured from soft, energy-absorbent viscoelastic, Memory Foam was designed by NASA in the 1960s for use in its airplane seats. Responding to the body’s heat and pressure, it moulds to the body and evenly distributes its weight. 

The material returns to its original shape when the pressure and heat are removed. Not only are you wrapped in a warm, soft cocoon that cradles you perfectly, but because it only responds to direct pressure, you aren’t disturbed by the movements of someone sleeping next to you. 

Does Memory Foam help you sleep?

According to sleep analyst Dr. Donna L. Arand, clinical director of the Kettering Sleep Disorders Center in Dayton, Ohio, gold standard scientific evidence in the form of randomised controlled trials is lacking. However, the objective outcome measures of sleep used in what few studies there are, electeoencphalographic (EEG) recordings of brain waves, do not correlate with subjects’ subjective reports of how well they slept. 

What is the Memory Foam Travel Mattress Topper?

Manufactured in Devon, the memory foam mattress topper is designed to be used in campervans, caravans, and trucks, yachts, fishing boats, campsites, and anywhere that you need a good night’s sleep but can’t fit a full bed with a memory foam mattress. Rolled up and tucked into its own poly-cotton cover, the travel mattress topper acts as a luxurious supplement to existing bedding.

You can even place it on top of your mattress at home for a complete transformation of your sleeping life. The travel mattress cover comes with a removable zipped cover that can be laundered at 30C. Anyone who has ever used a foam travel mattress cover in a campervan other bed will appreciate the benefits of that.

Travel Mattress TopperTravel mattress for back pain

According to the National Sleep Foundation, malleable mattresses, such as the memory foam travel mattress topper for back pain, can improve sleep quality for individuals who grapple with pain in the back and neck areas. Sleep specialist Kathy Gromer, MD, at the Minnesota Sleep Institute concurs that memory foam can improve sleep by relieving pressure points.

Users who report using the memory foam mattress topper in their caravans report that they no longer wake up in pain, and that it “ironed all the lumps and bumps of the cushions.” Others, who placed the travel mattress in their campervan, say that it acted as infill for uneven cushions.

One customer reported using it in a horse lorry bed, where it made a huge difference. A glowing testimony to the advantages of using the memory foam travel mattress topper.

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