With 356.5 billion vehicle miles driven on Great Britain’s roads in 2019, motor vehicle traffic continues to dominate most people’s daily travel. Whether you drive for work or enjoyment, if you travel by car often or for long stretches of time you’ll want to make sure your car seat is geared for maximum comfort.

According to Backcare.org up to 60% of drivers report back pain while driving. However, the good news is there are a number of things you can do to support your posture and prevent or ease back pain while driving. Take a look at our top 3 ways to prevent back pain while driving below.

1. Adjust Your Seat

Just like making sure your desk is set up ergonomically when you’re working from home, if you often drive for long periods of time it’s equally important to set up your car seat correctly. Here are a few simple pointers to help you sit correctly while driving:

- Your thighs should be in contact with the seat almost up to the back of your knees.
- You should be able to easily press the pedals down to the floor, with your thighs resting lightly on the seat.
- Your shoulders, lower back, and bottom should all be positioned as close to the backrest as possible.
- You should be able to easily reach the steering wheel with your arms bent.
- The top of the headrest should be aligned with the top of your head.

2. Take Regular Breaks

If you’re on a long journey it’s a good idea to take regular breaks. Sitting in the same position for too long is bad for your posture and your back. Moving around and doing some light stretches can make all the difference. A little fresh air and movement will also help you to feel more awake and focused.

3. Buy a Pressure Cushion or Lumbar Support

Designed to relieve pressure from your lower back, a pressure cushion for your car seat can be a great investment. There are many different designs available, including tilted cushions that gently slope to encourage a more comfortable sitting position. You can also buy lumbar supports which are designed to fully support the curvature of your lower spine and can be conveniently strapped to the back of your seat.

So there you have our top 3 suggestions for preventing back pain while driving. These can be used as preventative measures or to remedy some of the aches and pains you’re experiencing. However, if your pain is consistent or worsens we recommend seeing your GP for advice.

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