Spinal bracing, also known as orthosis, is a support that you wear on your back. There are different types available that have a range of uses including preventing excessive joint movement after an injury, improving joint alignment, and reducing joint pain or muscle tension. They work by reducing pressure on your muscles to support your spine.

At Back Care Online, we supply spinal bracing manufactured by Thuasne, a European leader in medical devices.

The different types of spinal bracing for sale at Back Care Online include:


Our Sleeq spinal braces are made with comfortable fabric and are designed to support the lower back or lumbar. We have universal sizing options designed to suit waist sizes from 26" - 54". These products are easy to use and offer pressure relief on the ribs and hips even when seated.

2. BOA

A traditional brace design, Thuasne BOA braces provide excellent semi-rigid support with mechanical advantage pulley systems, medical-grade plastics, and a patented compression system. They are designed to be wrapped around your lower back and can be easily adjusted to fit your waist.

This style of spinal brace can be used for a wide range of conditions including:

• Chronic or acute low back pain
• Degenerative disc disease, or bulging or herniated disc
• Low back sprains and strains
• Lumbar and trunk muscle weakness


Great for relieving the effects of compression fractures or dorso-lumbar osteoarthritis, our Dorso spinal brace is available in many sizes. Designed with a lightweight aluminium alloy frame, this rigid brace is designed to fit comfortably around your lower back and torso and comes with an easy to use lever lock for effortless application and tightening. 


How you wear spinal bracing will depend on which type you have although most of them are strapped around your lower back and waist. It’s recommended that you wear a layer of clothing between the spinal brace and your skin to keep you comfortable.

To clean a brace you can use a damp cloth and dry with a towel.

Shop our collection of high-quality Thuasne Spinal Bracing online today. If you want to know more about any of our products, you can contact one of our professional team members today.

If you are suffering from severe or consistent back pain, you should consult your GP or a medical professional.