If you’re always looking for ways to improve your posture and productivity in the workplace then you’ve come to the right place. Back Care Online is an expert provider of office furniture and accessories that can make your days in the office that little bit better. In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at Koplus Sit-Stand desks with a round-up of their top three designs.


A 2-in11 workstation, the Koplus Mount Sit-Stand Desk offers all the health benefits of sitting and standing whilst working. Shake-free stability and easy adjustments make this desk a user-friendly choice that creates a comfortable and practical set-up. You can easily adjust the height with the touch of a button and each station can be adjusted independently to ensure personal preferences in the office are adhered to. With a minimal base footprint, this desk also offers a minimal design that takes up less space.

The Mount is perfectly designed and equipped for communication and collaboration between colleagues and promotes collaborative practice in the commercial workplace.


The original Koplus sit-stand desk, the Kolpus Hop effortlessly promotes a healthy work style with a customisable height adjustment feature. The user can switch between seated and standing positions with the touch of a button and its sophisticated, minimal design makes the Hop a great addition to any modern workspace.


With a focus on craftsmanship, the Koplus Kin desk features an attractive wood trim on the side panels for a warmer finish to the all-metal structure. Like other sit-stand desks in the collection, the Kin is equipped with a reliable electronic height-adjustable feature, allowing easy transition between the sit and stand work styles.

Offering a sweet-spot between design and function, the Kin desk is well suited for both remote and commercial offices.

Shop Koplus Sit-Stand Desks at Back Care Online today. We also sell a range of Koplus Office Chairs designed to perfectly complement their collection of sit-stand desks.

Each Koplus desk comes with a 5-year warranty on the structure and a 2-year warranty on the electrical components.