Looking for a trusty, ergonomic chair to get you through a long day at the office is no easy feat. With so much choice online and in furniture shops, how do you know which one to choose?

At Back Care Online, we only select the finest ergonomic brands tried and tested by office workers all over the world.

One of the newer brands to join our portfolio is Koplus. Established in 2009, Koplus brought together designers from across the globe to help push the boundaries of office chair design. With sustainability rooted in their business model, Koplus are always seeking ways to create office furniture that works for now and the future.

In this blog, we’re looking at one of their staple chairs, the Symbian, and how you could benefit from using one in your workplace.

Top 5 Features of the Koplus Symbian Task Chair

1. Intuitive Design

The Symbian task chair is all about intuitive design. Stripping down to the bare essentials the designers achieved a minimal office chair without the fuss of levers. Instead, the Symbian proactively moves to fit your sitting posture and movements while you work. With a simple button to lock and unlock the mechanism, you’re in control of the recline.

2. Active Back

In line with the first point, one of the great features of the Symbian is its tension mechanism on the backrest. It provides weight support and balance at the angle of recline which keeps you optimally orientated.

3. Adjustable Headrest

With an adjustment of 8 - 21cm, the headrest is designed to fully support people of all heights, making this chair a great hotdesking solution. As well as being height-adjustable, the headrest can also be tilted to suit personal preference.

4. Sliding Seat

The seat is slidable meaning when you tilt in your chair it can move forward or backward for optimum support. In other words, it intuitively adapts to your position throughout the day.

5. Comfortable Material

The TPEE mesh on the backrest offers high levels of comfort that support the back, shoulders, and neck. It’s also a super durable material meaning it should last.

There you have our top benefits of one of Koplus’ signature chair models, the Symbian. Its core design principle centres on being intuitively supportive for the user and easy to use - making it an intelligent choice of an office chair.

At Back Care Online, we frequently research the office chair market to find exciting new brands that are pushing the limits of design to create better, smarter furniture that works. We’re proud to offer Koplus alongside our other ergonomic office brands, including Humanscale and Teknik.

Shop Koplus Symbian Task Chair online today, with a range of stylish finishes available.