You’ve got the desk and ergonomic office chair but you’re still feeling a little uncomfortable by the end of your workday? While for many having the right desk and chair set-up in their office is enough, some people need a little extra support. We’re running through the top 5 ergonomic accessories for your home office below.

1. Lumbar Support

Lumbar supports are specially designed to support your lower back and the natural curve of your spine. They are easy to use as they can be strapped to the back of your operator chair. If you find your back feels uncomfortable while sitting for lengthy periods, this extra layer of padding on your chair could make all the difference.

2. Pressure Office Cushion

If your office chair is lacking padding on the seat, the perfect solution could be a pressure cushion. Made with memory foam and available with cut-out options to relieve pressure on specific areas which are sensitive or painful, pressure cushions are specially designed to offer comfort for people who sit for long periods.

3. Foot Rocker

Do you find it difficult to sit still at your desk? The foot rocker is an innovative ergonomic office accessory that encourages you to move your feet while you work. With a gentle rocking motion, the Humanscale FR500 Foot Rocker engages your lower leg muscles and increases healthy circulation. The foot rocker also relieves pressure on your lower back by supporting your feet and legs.

Designed to tackle the problems of inactivity and poor posture all in one product, the foot rocker is one of the most beneficial ergonomic office accessories for your home.

4. Wrist Pad

Even if you use an ergonomic mouse, if your wrist is leaning on the desk all day, the build up of pressure could start to feel uncomfortable. A wrist pad is designed to cushion your wrist while using a mouse. They can also double-up as a mouse pad for extra functionality and value for money.

5. Writing Slope

Designed to improve your posture while writing, drawing or reading, a writing slope allows you to tilt your paperwork to a comfortable height and angle. At Back Care Online we have a stylish and sturdy writing slope made with a quality beech frame and hard-wearing black lacquered finish.

Combining these ergonomic office accessories should enhance your comfort and get your mind back on the task at hand.

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