Planning a camping or road trip? Travel a lot for work? Even for the most adventurous, it can be easy to worry about getting a good night's sleep when you're not staying in a hotel. Whether you’re planning to sleep in a tent, under the stars, or in the back of a campervan, these adventures are not typically associated with comfort. And, if you suffer from aches and pains, this type of accommodation can be rather off-putting. However, the humble travel mattress topper is here to make your camping experience a little more agreeable.

How Does The Travel Mattress Work?

The travel mattress topper comes with superior memory foam that supports and moulds to your body. It’s certainly more pleasant than a sleeping bag. The travel mattress topper is 2.5cm thick and designed to be thinner and lighter than a regular mattress to make it easier to transport. Whilst it may be slimmer, it certainly doesn’t compromise comfort.

Simply unroll and place on top of your caravan’s mattress for a comfortable night and wake up with fewer back pains and freshly rested for a great day ahead. Once you’re done, roll it up in its draw-string travel bag for easy storage. It also features a white, zipped removable cover made from poly-cotton.

Manufactured by Putnams in the UK, this mattress topper is available for single and double bed sizes. For smaller spaces, you can have your mattress topper cut to size for a sleeping arrangement that perfectly fits even a modestly-sized tent, boat, or campervan.

Putmans has been proudly supplying products to the NHS since 1981, and now you too can experience the high-quality comfort that these memory foam mattresses offer.

High quality and easily transportable for adventures big and small. If you fancy a comfier, cosier camping trip, we recommend investing in a travel mattress.

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