If you’ve never heard of gravity boots, you’d be forgiven for conjuring up images of astronauts walking on the moon. However, gravity boots are in fact specialist footwear designed for back pain relief during inversion therapy exercises. It may not sound as exciting as spacesuit boots, but for people all over the world, gravity boots help to alleviate their back pain so they can have a healthier body and improved quality of life.


It may sound bizarre but inversion therapy works by hanging you upside down to relieve pressure on the spine. Using what’s called an inversion table or hang-up, the gravity boots strap you in securely to ensure that you don’t slide back down to earth with the force of gravity. They keep you in place while you’re tilted upside down so you can relax and let your spine decompress and enjoy a rest. If used properly, inversion tables and gravity boots are designed to elongate and realign your spine which keeps your discs healthy and helps with issues such as pinched nerves or poor posture.


Using a Teeter inversion table even for just a few minutes each day can really improve your back. If you’re using the matching Teeter Gravity Boots, simply secure them around your lower leg with the loops around the back of your calf, lock your feet to the bottom of the inversion table, and lie back until you feel the table tilt backward. Then, the only thing you have to do is relax as the gravity boots and inversion table do all the work.

If you want, you can perform some gentle, twisting movements of your upper body. Gravity boots are an essential component of inversion therapy. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to use an inversion table safely.

So, if you feel you would benefit from using an inversion table, you can browse our specialist Teeter Gravity Boots online today. The new Teeter Hang-Ups Adapter Kit is also available to pre-order at Back Care Online with a limited time discount offer.

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