Pressure relief cushions are made from memory foam and offer a great level of support and comfort. You can sink into the cushion and take away pressure from areas that are sensitive or painful. They are super versatile and in this guide, we’re listing some of the top uses for pressure relief cushions.

Top Reasons To Buy a Pressure Cushion

1. Make working from home more comfortable

If you work sitting down a lot and don’t have a suitable office chair to accommodate this working style, a pressure cushion is an affordable way to make your workday more comfortable. So, if your current work-from-home setup involves sitting at the dining room table on a less than ideal chair, you can simply add a pressure cushion for a soft, supportive layer that won’t leave your bottom feeling numb after a long day at the office. It could drive up your productivity levels too as you’ll be spending less time thinking about how uncomfortable you are.

2. Support your body after an operation

If you’re feeling a little fragile and sensitive after an operation, the last thing you want is to struggle sitting down. That’s where a pressure cushion can come to the rescue. Pressure relief cushions support your body and with cut-out designs, you can redistribute your weight to relieve pressure from areas that are particularly sensitive.

3. Recover from pregnancy

The ring cushions are particularly recommended for women who’ve just given birth as their cut-out centre takes the pressure away from the lower regions.

4. Make driving long distances more comfortable

Aside from adding lumbar support to prevent lower back pain, pressure relief cushions are perfect for making long-distance journeys more comfortable.

5. Make any seat more comfortable

From stadiums and theatres to churches and public transport, many seats are either modestly padded or not padded at all. Pressure relief cushions can be used at venues or taken en-route to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’ve paid a lot of money to see a football match or your favourite musical, a pressure cushion can help you sit back and enjoy the moment.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to use pressure relief cushions but there are also plenty of benefits too - from improving your posture to improving your overall physical health and wellbeing, being comfortable and supporting your body is always a good choice.

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