If you’re focusing on getting into shape this year, a great place to start is with your posture.

Staying fit and healthy is not just about maintaining a regular exercise routine, getting plenty of sleep, and eating the right foods - it’s also about taking care of your natural posture. But, if you have an office job, it’s easy for this to fall to the wayside. If you’re spending eight or more hours at a desk each day, using a back support can really make all the difference. It’s a passive way to take care of your body and requires no effort on your part. All you have to do is attach the support to your chair and you’re ready to reap the benefits of a healthier back. But what are the best back supports to improve posture? Let’s take a look.

Which back supports are worth investing in?

Like with most ergonomic products, not all back support cushions are created equal.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support

As a general rule, memory foam back supports are a good choice as they mould to your body’s contours while offering the support that you need. If you’d prefer something on the smaller side, there are plenty of effective lumbar supports to choose from including the Putnams Memory Foam Back Support.

The Superest

Unlike standard back support cushions, the Memory Foam Superest features curved sides that hold and support the overtaxed lateral muscles. This gives twice the support of traditional lumbar support as it keeps your back in place and discourages leaning to one side or the other while you’re working. As standard, the built-in lumbar support is designed to suit the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. Manufactured in the UK, this memory foam back support is ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even in the office. With its adjustable strap, it’s suitable for a wide range of chairs.

The Massage Cushion

This might sound a little indulgent as far as back supports go but the Massage Back Support is perfect for easing muscle aches. This cushion offers firmer support and is considered an excellent choice for those with lower back problems.

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