Pillow for Front Sleeper

Are you a front sleeper? Are you someone that sleeps on your stomach, instead of your side or back? Sleeping on your stomach is reportedly the worst sleeping position for a person. This is even more so the case if you have a bad back. Sleeping on your front will flatten the natural curve of your spine, and this is what can lead to back pains when you wake up.

What are front sleeper pillows?

It is highly recommended that softer pillows for front sleepers are used. This is because as a front sleeper you need to allow your head and neck to sink into the mattress. Through a thinner, softer front sleeper pillow you can avoid awkwardly straining your back or neck in the night.

There are two benefits of sleeping on your front. It can prevent snoring and reduces the risk of sleep apnoea too. However, as a front sleeper you will need to consider specially designed pillows for front sleepers. These will be thinner pillows that are softer so your neck and head is not twisted out of alignment with your spine.

Very often front sleepers will benefit from a soft support pillow. However if you are the kind of sleeper that sleeps on your stomach with your arms wrapped around the pillow and your head is slightly tilted then you may benefit more from a soft and shallow front sleeper pillow. This will help to prevent your head from being tipped back as you sleep, which will reduce the risk of your front sleeping causing you back pain.

It is very important that your neck and spine stay as neutral as possible when you sleep. Pillow for front sleepers will give you the support you need while you are sleeping. You need to ensure you choose the right firmness for your front sleeper pillow and you’ll notice a real improvement in your quality of sleep, as well as how you feel when you wake in the morning.

If you switch between your front and back while sleeping you may want to consider using two soft support pillows. This allows you to discard them and add them as you wake in the morning, or go to bed at night.

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