If you suffer from sleep apnoea, you may be wondering if there are any products out there that can help to relieve your symptoms. In this blog, we’re going to run-through the tremendous benefits of using a sleep apnoea pillow and how it works.

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, you may already be using a CPAP mask. To the uninitiated, a CPAP mask is worn over your mouth and nose and is attached to a machine which pumps air into the throat while you sleep. But what part does the pillow play in relieving sleep apnoea symptoms?

A sleep apnoea pillow is specially designed with cut-outs on either side to relieve discomfort and pressure on the face when wearing a CPAP mask. It’s important for sleep apnoea sufferers to sleep on their side as it’s less likely to aggravate the condition than sleeping on their back.

The Advanced CPAP Pillow also comes with rounded soft neck support, ear recess in the centre, contoured ventilation, and curved spaces for the shoulders, which are all designed to support the body’s natural position when sleeping on your side.

Benefits of Using a Sleep Apnoea Pillow

• Reduces the appearance of red lines on your face
• Helps prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles
• Takes pressure off your face and prevents air from blowing into your eyes - all of which ensures you really do benefit from a more comfortable sleep

Does it Help with Sleep Apnoea?

Are sleep apnoea pillows solely designed to relieve discomfort from wearing a mask, or can they really help relieve symptoms and give you a better night’s sleep? 

Ergonomically designed, the sleep apnoea pillow is a great product for people who sleep with a CPAP mask. By encouraging you to sleep on your side throughout the night, the pillow can really help to keep the symptoms at bay.

You can also purchase a special pillow or bed wedge for that little extra support while sleeping on your side.

Sleep Apnoea is a growing condition that currently affects up to 4% of men and 2% of women in the UK. Notoriously difficult to diagnose due to the symptoms occurring during sleep, it’s believed that up to 80% of sufferers might not even know they have the condition!

According to the NHS, key signs to look out for include:

• Disrupted breathing
• Making gasping, snorting, or choking noises
• Waking up a lot
• Loud snoring
• Excessive tiredness
• Difficulty concentrating
• Mood swings
• Headaches when you wake up

If you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms you should consult your doctor.

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