Ankle Foot Orthosis, also known as AFO, is a custom brace specially designed to support your lower limbs. They help to control the range of motion in the foot and ankle and can help people living with a range of conditions.

Commonly used by patients suffering from neurological or orthopedic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, fractures, sprains, and arthritis, they are also suitable for post-op use. If you’re looking to prevent posture-related health problems, ankle foot orthosis can also be worn to maintain an optimum position while standing and walking.

How to wear ankle foot orthosis?

Ankle foot orthosis is designed to be worn with your shoe - it’s not recommended that you wear one without footwear. For comfort, we recommend wearing shoes with an enclosed heel and toe, secure lace or velcro fastening and with a fairly flat sole. It’s advisable to wear socks to prevent friction on your skin. It’s best to get your ankle foot orthosis fitted by an orthotics healthcare professional to ensure it’s correctly adjusted to suit your needs.

Best Types of Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ankle foot orthosis is the brace of choice for people across the UK who suffer from a range of conditions that affect their lower leg and foot. If you feel you’d benefit from wearing one, take a look at the different types of ankle foot orthosis below.

1. Thuasne SpryStep Dynamic AFO

The Thuasne Sprystep Dynamic AFO has been specially engineered with an innovative laminated design which makes the orthosis more durable and easier to adjust. Made from carbon fibre composite, this brace is comfortably lightweight and flexible while offering a stiff structure that truly supports your foot.

This product can be used for the following conditions:

• Foot drop of neurological origin (motor impairment due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc.)
• Traumatic origin or muscular origin (muscular dystrophy, congenital, etc.)

2. Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Short Walker

Conditions product can be used for:

• Ligament and tendon related injuries
• Severe pains
• Foot or lower leg fractures
• Post-operative ankle stabilisation
• Severe sprains
• Skin injuries

Available in short and long versions, the XLR8 Walker is a full shell pneumatic walking boot designed to relieve painful symptoms and offer support in your leg and foot. The rigid shell keeps your leg in position. The air cells allow for a precise anatomical fit and quick and easy inflation to adjust the pressure on your foot. The adjustable toe-guard helps to protect the front of your foot while the anti-skid sole allows you to walk comfortably.

3. Thuasne Hybrid Splint

The Thuasne Hybrid Splint is specially designed to treat inflammation of the plantar fascia, ligament and tendon injuries, and achilles tendon disorders. Well padded, with an adjustable tension strap, this brace offers comfort and support.

4. Thuasne Townsend Pediwalker

Designed for children, this lightweight Thuasne Townsend Pediwalker is a suitable alternative to casting. Simple strapping offers easy application and the non-slip tread makes it a safe device to use that supports comfortable walking and a natural gait.

Where to buy ankle foot orthosis?

At Back Care Online, we supply high-quality ankle foot orthosis by Thuasne, a French designer and manufacturer of medical braces that are tailored to patients’ needs. Shop ankle foot orthosis online today.