If you’re up to speed with the latest office trends, you may have heard about standing desks. These were designed to offer an alternative to sitting down for 8 hours or longer. Many office workers are familiar with the afternoon slump or poor posture habits that often come with the territory of sitting for lengthy periods. Common culprits include slouching or hunching the shoulders.

However, the problem with only using a standing desk is that it’s not necessarily any better for your body to stand at a desk for prolonged periods.

Working with international designers Koplus pooled inventive minds from across the globe to change the status quo and design the sit-stand desk.

The Koplus desk solves the issue of needing to switch between a sitting and standing desk by offering both options in one product. So, instead of compromising you can have the best ergonomic solution for your office.

Why Your Office Needs A Koplus Kin Sit-Stand Desk?

Koplus designers follow five core design principles:

1. Simple Usage

Developing the sweet-spot option between design and function, the Koplus Kin sit-stand desk is equipped with a reliable electronic height-adjustable feature. This allows easy transition between sit and stand work styles.

2. Stylish Design

Koplus offers a contemporary, minimalist design that utilises technology to allow easy transitions between sitting and standing throughout the day.

The wood trim on the side panels adds a traditional, warmer element to the all-metal structure. There is also a choice of smart colour finishes for the desk surface, including black and white.

3. Sustainable Production

From choosing the materials for the desks to producing marketing materials, Koplus factors sustainable production into every facet of their business model. This means that the Kin desk is an eco-conscious purchase.

4. Smart Interaction

Koplus allows you to easily transition your desk with a dual-motor system that provides precise synchronised adjustments for fast, smooth, and quiet operation. Activated by a built-in sensor, the anti-collision mechanism automatically stops and retracts when obstacles are detected during adjustment. This smart sensor means your desk or other items won’t get trapped or damaged.

5. Enhanced Experience

Frequently changing your work setup should improve your circulation to prevent fatigue, prevent poor posture habits and boost your productivity. In other words, the Kin sit-stand desk is the ultimate ergonomic office experience.

How Long Should You Stand At A Standing Desk Per Day?

For optimum energy and productivity, it’s recommended that you switch between sitting and standing every 60 minutes.

Koplus are dedicated to connecting office space with a productive headspace. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, the sit-stand desk is bringing healthier lifestyle habits into everyday workspaces.

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