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Humanscale Office Chairs

Humanscale Office Chairs

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"By far the most comfortable office chair I've ever sat on"

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  • Humanscale: Sustainable Office Ergonomics

    If we're going to make a substantial positive impact on the world, we need to look for sustainability in everything we do. Saying no to plastic bags at the grocery store and bringing a reusable coffee are both great, but small contributions.

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  • Ergonomic Office Tips

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  • Benefits of a Humanscale Chair for Your Desk
  • Humanscale Freedom Chair

    Almost 3 out of every 4 office workers say their chair caused them back pain at one point or another. An ergonomic office chair makes a huge difference in your comfort and productivity but too many people treat it as an afterthought.

    Let's look at the benefits of these office chairs.

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  • Improve Home Office Ergonomics with a Humanscale Office Chair
  • Humanscale Chairs

    With COVID-19 in full swing, many of us have been forced to work our jobs from home. Of course, this comes with a number of benefits: no lengthy commute, having our own space to work, and being able to do our job in our PJs, just to name a few.

    However, there are a few challenges that come with working from home as well.

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  • Where to Buy Humanscale Chairs: Shop the Full Lineup!
  • Where to buy Humanscale Chairs

    Fallen in love with the Humanscale brand? We don’t blame you! If you’re wondering where to buy Humanscale chairs amidst the COVID-19 crisis, turn to Back Care Online. We stock a variety of Humanscale office chairs, plus the Humanscale mats, foot rockers and Ballo stools. Our Humanscale office chairs are in stock, so all that’s left is to decide which one is right for you.

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  • Humanscale Ballo Stool: Make Working From Home Fun!
  • Humanscale Ballo Stool

    Working from home can be tedious if you don’t inject some fun and excitement into your day. If you’re struggling for inspiration or motivation, change up your work routine with a Humanscale Ballo Stool! 

    The Humanscale Ballo Stool was inspired by the traditional exercise ball and was the brainchild of Don Chadwick.

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"My goal is always to design chairs that are so simple to use that the functionality is often invisible to the user." - Niels Diffrient

Niels' beliefs and values are embodied in his designs. As Humanscale shared these values with Niels, his legacy lives on through his products and our shared core beliefs. Find out more about Humanscale's partnership with designer Niels Diffrient.

Humanscale's ergonomic chairs are designed to look as good in ten years' time as they do today.

  • Our textiles exceed 150,000 double rubs in the Wyzenbeek Test, which is five times the industry standard.
  • Our textiles attach to the cushion without adhesives, which prevents wrinkling over time and is better for the environment.
  • Our arm caps feature a separate foam insert, so they will not tear.
  • Our plastics have a texture that prevent scratching.
  • None of our chair surfaces are painted or treated, so there’s no chipping or scratching.
  • We go to great lengths to ensure all the components of our chairs hold up to wear and tear, while maintaining a minimal visual aesthetic.
  • We use fewer parts in our ergonomic chairs to reduce the impact on the environment.
Award-Winning ergonomic office solutions

The Evolution of Task Seating
1960s-1970s Simple, but not adjustable
1980s - 1990s Adjustable, but complicated
Humanscale 2000 - present Simple and automatically adjustable

The Humanscale Difference

We develop our chairs without knobs and levers, so they’re incredibly easy to use. All of our chairs allow the user to change postures effortlessly without operating any manual controls. Designing ergonomic chairs that are easy to use ensures that they are used in a correct, healthy way.
Most office chairs feature arms that are attached to the seat, which do not provide support when the user reclines or moves from posture to posture. Humanscale designs all of its desk chairs with the arms attached to the back, so when the sitter moves, the arms are in a healthy, ergonomic position every time.
A soft seat cushion is often comfortable for a short period of time but uncomfortable when the user sits on it for many hours. Humanscale’s seat cushions are engineered to be denser than our competitors’ to offer all day comfort. We also pioneered the use of gel in seat cushions. Because gel doesn’t compress, it supports the sitter’s body and maximizes comfort over many hours.
Humanscale ergonomic desk and office chairs are perfectly adjusted for every user, as if the chair was custom made for you. In lieu of traditional tension mechanisms, which can weigh as much as 15 pounds and be made of up to 40 parts, our task chairs use the laws of physics and the sitter’s own body weight. As a result, the chair automatically reads the weight of the user, allowing for the mechanism to provide perfect recline with the correct tension for every individual.
Many of the products on our website are supplied to the largest brands in Health Care, including -