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Lightweight and portable, the incredibly popular Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots offer a customisable way to perform an inverted workout at home or at the gym.

Teeter Ez Up Gravity Boots

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Teeter Ez Up Gravity Boots

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Secure & Comfortable Ankle System Upgrade

Easily upgrade any compatible* Teeter Inversion Table for use with the EZ-Up™ Gravity Boots. You can even take your EZ-Up™ Gravity Boots with you for on-the-go inversion at the gym**!

Made of a light but durable shell over thick foam liners, EZ-Up™ Gravity Boots comfortably surround each ankle, securing with adjustable, self-locking ratchet buckles for a customized fit. An ideal solution to elevate your comfort while inverted, Teeter Gravity Boots offer flexible, forgiving support assisted by optional calf loops that place a slight bend in the knees to help eliminate uncomfortable loads on the knees and feet.

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Relieve Back Pain

FDA Registered – Registered with the FDA as a 510(k) medical device. Indicated for: Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscle Tension, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Curvature Due to Tight Muscles, Muscle Spasm & Facet Syndrome.

Inversion Alternative – This portable solution is great for those without space for an inversion table or those who need full inversion on-the-go.

Strong, Durable Materials – The hooks and calf loops are made of 40% glass/nylon alloy for unmatched strength and durability, plus the pliable yet highly durable DuPontTM HytrelTM shell weighs just 2 lb.

Teeter Gravity Boots


Unparalleled Comfort – Super-soft 5/8″ foam liners are a special blend to give maximum comfort with minimal compression. The optional Calf Loops help to reduce the load on the knee joints and tops of the feet by wrapping behind each leg to create a small bend in the knees.

Dual, Self-Locking Buckles – The unique double-lock system secures the boots around the ankle/lower calf for a customizable, comfortable fit.

One-size-fits-most – Design fits a majority of leg/ankle sizes (approx 5 inch diameter/15 inch circumference); alternatively, we offer an XL Gravity Boots option that is 1″ larger in diameter and 1½” taller (calf loops not included).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Use At Home, Driving / Travelling
Type Standard
Width No
Thickness (Inches) No
Cover No Cover
Size Single
Travel Bag Without

Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

I’ve wanted to try these
I’ve wanted to try these boots for absolutely ages, finally bought them and couldn’t be more please with the results. I was constantly in pain from my lower back, especially after running. Two minutes in the gravity boots and I have days of a pain free back. Highly recommended.
Review by Dominic W.
gc boots
Replacement for broken boot, quick and easy to get, thank you
Review by Glenn C.
Great product
Great product
Review by Alfred P.
Great product
Great product
Review by Alfred P.
1. Very comfortable for legs,
1. Very comfortable for legs, minimum tensions compared to other manufacturers.
2. Lightweight so you can easily take it with anywhere in a backpack.
3. Solid and good materials quality.
4. Easy to use.
Review by Petr C.
Review by Siyavash A.
Very satisfied with the order, shipment and customer service. The product is great as well.
Review by Nikolay L.
Excellent service ... great product!
Review by Stephen T.
Buy these gravity boots now!
I bought these with my first Teeter Inversion Table in 2000 and I am still using them today. BEST PRODUCTS EVER. No Joke.
Review by Aye Jay
Fantastic improvement
I bought this product a month ago and it helped the ankle/foot pain tremendously when fully inverted.
Review by Moose Moss
Amazing results and easy to use!
I purchased this a few weeks ago. I have a thoracic herniated disc that has been causing me tremendous pain. The Teeter has been the only consistent thing that has helped relieved the pressure in my back. Id definitely recommend this product to anyone having back pain.
Review by Florida
So comfortable and stable!
After trying to do the inverted exercises with the quick release setup didn't have the stability I needed for my ankles. These are great and add extra support for the ankle/feet so not all your weight is put on your foot.
Review by Gilligan189
The gravity boots are great!
The ankle claps that came with my table were really hurting my feet. So I got the gravity boots and they don't hurt and allow me to hang a lot longer.
Review by smead
my bare feet
I purchased this set to be used with my Teeter Hangup 560. Although, it is suggested to have shoes and socks on when using a Teeter, I prefer bare feet. I have skinny ankles and the standard feet lock on the Teeter was a bit uncomfortable. I purchased this set and am very happy with the Gravity Boots. I wear socks, just so the foam rubber does not pull on my leg hairs. I like the comfort of no shoes better than with. I fully convert and do my own set of exercises while I am.
Review by rocketman
Great Product
I purchased the Teeter EP970 about a month ago. I'm hoping it will help me with symptoms of spinal stenosis (numbness in both legs with prolonged standing). I believe it was starting to help, as the symptoms were taking longer to occur after a period of standing or walking.

However, the ankle assembly was hurting my ankles too much after only about 5 minutes of inversion. I called the company and they very kindly worked with me to change out the ankle lock assembly for the hang-up boots. What a difference! I've been able to greatly increase my inversion time, and I'm noticing even further improvement in my ability to stand and walk for longer periods, without the symptoms recurring.

Length of Use 2-7 weeks
Review by Paul D

When you have back pain …
you don’t have a lot of options, and most options just cover up symptoms.

Using gravity and your own body weight, the Teeter decompresses the spine to rejuvenate the discs, relieve pressure on nerves, realign the spine, and release muscle tension. This is the secret that no other solution can provide – and why the Teeter is able to offer relief for so many different back pain conditions. You’ll not only FEEL better, you’ll MOVE better because you’ll have improved flexibility and less muscle tension, and LOOK better thanks to improved spinal alignment and better posture.

And did we mention how easy the Teeter is to use? Just lock in, recline and relax just a few minutes a day! The greater the angle, the greater the stretch, but you never need to fully invert to experience relief. No pills, no sweat, no appointments – you’ll experience natural pain relief in the comfort of your own home. What do you have to lose but the back pain?


Medical Study

Physical Therapy
No Inversion Therapy
Physical Therapy
With Teeter for 2 minutes
3x per week for 30 days

A published preliminary pilot study compared two groups of sciatic pain patients scheduled for lower back surgery. While all patients received physical therapy, only the group that incorporated a 2-minute Teeter regimen, 3 times per week, for 30 days reduced their need for surgery by 70.5%!

Teeter is the only FDA-registered inversion table that relieves sciatic pain and other disc related back pain. Our Inversion Tables use “Progressive Decompression” which means each disc is decompressed by the same body weight that compresses it while upright. Relieve the pressure – relieve the pain.

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